Mark Hamilton talks about the formula will make the poor rich.

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  1. Thank you Mark Hamilton for creating such wonderful, yet impowering literature, for us to help ourselves becoming the people we are meant to be; thank you for creating the TVP, a grassroots organization

  2. The TVP Convention will take place on September 25, 2016 in Newark, New Jersey. This grass-roots movement is laying the foundation for the exodus from the irrational world which currently envelops the earth.

  3. The Neothink Society is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. What an amazing opportunity provided by an amazing man, his father, and family in addition to all of the amazing mentors and members. By amazing I mean genius, visionary, moral, and unique; with a road map for the only way that I am aware of to save our country and world from the oppression of debt slavery and possibly much worse. Thank you to Mr, Mark Hamilton, the late Mr. Frank R. Wallace and family along with the genius and caring mentors and members!

  4. Very true Mr. Hamilton I wouldn’t be a state officer if you weren’t in charge.
    You not only have the knowledge but the genius mentality that brought me here
    today. I trust and believe the world would be in great hands with you in charge.
    Thank You Mr. Hamilton for the privilege of learning your knowledge.

  5. Mr. Hamilton it is so true what you said on this video. When I became a member
    2 and half years ago my I was close to loosing everything. Slowly as I attended the calls I learned how to handle my finances better. Money wouldn’t stay in my hands very long. I am a little wiser now I spent when I need not when I want.
    It amazes me everyday what you promised comes true before my eyes.
    Thank You Mr. Hamilton for my new mentality and new life.

  6. The twelve visions party manifesto is to “END THE RULE OF MAN AND LAUNCH THE WEALTH OF MANKIND” to make all the people rich including the poor. The enhancing power that comes from the prime literature would eradicate all man made laws, and make the sweep to WEALTH, HEALTH and PEACE.

  7. Easy sale, easy close , Warriors attention please, we have 5 years to knock on 3 million plus doors, im driving and knocking want a ride?

  8. With the Prime Law in place thats the starting point of the Civilization of the Universe. And thats when there will be no bias or favoritisms etc.. There will be equal opportunity for everyone. Wealth, Health and Peace even for the poor.

  9. I believe in you Mark Hamilton. I believe all people should be Rich! I was raised by a poor family. It never seem right we worked so hard and had almost nothing. Thank you for showing the map to a new life. I life of being Rich and Honest. Not just Honest. I live by the Prime Law. I am special. My friends are special. Our life needs to be special. Thank you for changing the world.

  10. It’s true and very real. Mark Hamilton is my best friend,and mentor. I can’t wait for it all to fit into place.It is coming soon so everybody get ready and be prepared.

  11. “Making The Poor Rich” is the best”construction”, in history, this country has ever or will ever receive.It”combats poverty”,which is prevalent world-wide and for centuries has only brought worse and worse”destruction” to our nation!

  12. No matter as longs it take, all the people rich including the poor it is reality
    that every one needs to face and support The Neothink Society and our
    mentor Mark Hamilton who creates The Twelve Vicion Party has done a
    great job in this society.

  13. neothink concepts are very powerful, people will start to see the next leap of mankinds which is the neothink mentality a new way of using the mind threw integrated thinking becoming a self leader getting out of the following mode but to start listing to your inner feelings that will lead one to a new life of happiness all the answers that one need are within the reach of one’s own mind. your inner being will never let you down, why ? because it has your best interest in mind . It is who you truly are as a person.

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